Dominique Lutringer

Contemporary Visual Artist

 Surrounded by objects, shapes, forms of all sizes in multiple colors and textures.
I absorb them, transform them into something else. I only see their 
intrinsic beauty. Even in the darkest of alleys, a glimmer remains. It is this glow that interests me.

artworks overview



Hi, My name is Dominique.

I am a French visual artist living and working in Japan. Curious of various forms of expressions, my investigations in the subject cover several bodies of work that I endlessly explore through materials manipulations and more traditional media.

Art making but also be involved in Inquiry-based active learnings.

I believe that there is deep correlation between art and education, and leveraging expertise in both can give the youth of today the tools they need to build a sustainable world tomorrow.

Dominique Lutringer was born in France. Having been fascinated by Japanese culture since adolescence, He moved to Japan in the nineties. He primarily works with flat surfaces, and his work ranges from colourful pieces with an emphasis on dynamic shapes to a monochromatic series. In recent years, he has presented many works that fuse Japanese aesthetics with contemporary minimalism. This allows him to express different notions, such as the simple aesthetics using straight lines and blanks, the sensitivity towards change and imperfection, the aspiration towards harmony with nature.