Dominique Lutringer


Visual Artist



Landscape and beyond
A Vision of Nature
Geometric and Organic Shapes
Lines and Cartography
Works on paper
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Hi, My name is Dominique.

I am a French visual artist living and working in Japan.Curious of various forms of expressions, my investigations in the subject cover several bodies of work that I endlessly explore through materials manipulations and more traditional media.

Art making but also be involved in Global Thinking and Active Learnings.

I strongly believe that there is de deep correlation between Art and Education, and leveraging expertise in both can give the Youth of today the tools they need to build a sustainable world tomorrow.

Refined and warm, Dominique Lutringer’s works employ a unique fusion of Japanese aesthetics and minimalism. 

A rhythm of recurring lines and patterns, coupled with profound textures and the counterplay of monochrome and restrained colors, are notable characteristics of his oeuvre. Notions of ambiguity and portrayals of Japan's delicate beauty are accurately rendered though simplicity, sensitive textures, and abstract interpretations of nature. 

Although photographs cannot convey the impact of the originals, viewers experiencing the pieces firsthand will feel the serenity and power of the works.